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Example Employment Dissertations

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Paneles Solares

El uso de las energías renovables ha venido a disminuir, el uso de los combustibles fósiles como fuente de obtención de energía. El suministro de…

Effects of Manipulating Individual Identity

This study examined how changing the perception of social distance changed the way in which subjects interacted in the Trust Game specifically looking…

Selection Process for Expatriates

The purpose of the study was to show the importance of selection process for expatriates. The basic objectives to fulfill the above aim was to recognize…

Analysis of Staff Motivation Levels

The objective of this project is to investigate whether employees at WILO company are well motivated and if there is a need for improvement of the level…

High Staff Turnover in Hotel Industry

The main of my research project is to gain a better understanding of how the HR department of High Beech Hotel, would minimise the high staff turnover…

A Study of Job Stress in Call Centre Employees

An important part of one’s life is that there are various causes that lead to a great deal of stress in one’s job or work. Work related stress is of…

CPD in Health and Safety Practitioner Roles

The aim of this research document is to identify current attitudes towards the increasingly important task of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Retention of Employees in Call Centres

This dissertation will help us to find out the retention of employees in IT industry (Call centres) by considering a MNC in…